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Why Your Sales Channels Ignore Your Product Line. (And what you can do about it.)
Selling beyond the single customer contactGetting access to change-resistant prospects
situation: A manufacturer of capital equipment for metalworking, processing, and general industry recognized that its dealer sales organization was not completely effective in selling its equipment beyond the typical applications end-market customers brought to their dealers’ attention. The company’s products and technical expertise was well regarded, but end-user awareness of the full product line was limited.
response: The company had cultivated a database of several thousand customer and prospect email addresses received from registrations on its web site. A tactical, product-specific email campaign was launched into a target market segment promoting a product related to, but not directly associated with the market segment.
results: The response from the target market to the complementary product line was extremely positive. Of those customers and prospects who viewed the email content, 25% clicked through and expressed interest in applying the product line to new applications within their current manufacturing or processing operations.
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