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Getting access to change-resistant prospectsSelling beyond the single customer contact
situation: A manufacturer of industrial adhesives identified a small list of target prospects known to be extremely-well suited for a newly expanded line of the manufacturer’s product. These target prospects are very change-adverse; a product change over is time consuming, prone to difficulty, and ROI is often long-term at best.
response: Knowing prospect interest would be high, but immediate response would be low, a long-term direct marketing campaign was used to leverage curiosity into action. Prospects were given incremental action steps to take online to learn about the product. Prospects, and sales reps, were awarded gifts cards of increased values for each action step taken.
results: Within the first two phases of the direct mail program prospect response was positive. Responses included requests for sales calls, production line audits, and in-line demos of the manufacturer’s product. Sales force interest in the program was piqued by the publishing in a secure, online sales portal of territory-specific progress.
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